Ah, Keanu Reeves. How we love thee. Whether he's flexing his kung fu chops in the cyberpunk battlefields of "The Matrix" or narrating a documentary about the differences between the digital and film mediums in "Side by Side," he's probably one of our favorite people currently working in the movies. So anytime Keanu pops up, we're happy. Which makes us very, very pleased with the new trailer for "John Wick," a hit man thriller that looks totally out of control (via IGN).

The trailer starts out reasonably enough, with Keanu showcasing his shaggy good looks and his friendship with a new puppy (which is just as adorable as he is). But things take a turn when a bunch of bad guys jump him and steal his car (and kill his dog). So it makes his character, the titular John Wick, return to his glory days as one of the more fearsome contract killers on the east coast. The fact that he starts killing countless goons because they murdered his puppy is just the greatest thing ever and we just want to take a minute to luxuriate in this fact.

Whew. That's the stuff.

Okay, we're back.

"John Wick" actually looks funny and suspenseful and cool, with a nifty supporting cast that includes Dean Winters, John Leguizamo, Adrianne Palicki, Dean Winters and Willem Dafoe. But we're obviously super interested in it because of Keanu. All hail Keanu.

The movie premieres at Fantastic Fest later this month in Austin, Texas (we'll be there, so do say hello) and opens nationwide on October 24th.