Well, Cecily Strong, you had a good, one-season run, but "Saturday Night Live" has decided to go in a different direction with its "Weekend Update" anchors. And that direction is "no chicks allowed."

This is somewhat unprecedented, in that, for the first time in "Saturday Night Live's" long and illustrious history, the "Weekend Update" section of the show (which arguably paved the way for "The Daily Show," "The Colbert Report," and any other humorous slant on current televised events that has transpired in the last thirty years), will be anchored by two men.

According to Variety, Michael Che will replace Cecily Strong in the co-anchor seat, joining Colin Jost in humorously running down the week's news. The previous Jost/Strong team had only been in place for a few months, following the departure of longtime "Weekend Update" host Seth Meyers, but apparently Lorne Michaels, who spoke with the New York Times about the switch-up earlier this week, said that he was trying numerous iterations before settling on the right match for the segment.

On the plus side: Strong had some truly amazing characters that would come on "Weekend Update" and we're excited about having those characters back on the show. On the downside: don't dudes have enough to do on "Saturday Night Live"?

Che was previously on the writing staff for the series and served as a correspondent for "The Daily Show" (a gig he will have to drop, due to his added responsibilities on "Saturday Night Live") and we hope that he's wonderful. It's just sad to see Strong go. But here's hoping for the best!

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