It's good to dream. Which is exactly what director David Fincher seems to be doing when it comes to a proposed sequel to his 2011 thriller "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." The film came in like a sharp Swedish breeze, although it wasn't exactly the hit that Sony (or anyone else, for that matter) was expecting it would be, making just $102 million domestically on a production budget of at least that (plus marketing costs and whatever else goes along with launching a huge, starry, Oscar-contending tent pole). All of the principles involved in the film have pay-or-play deals in place, so even if the sequel, "The Girl Who Played with Fire," doesn't get made, they're still taking home fat checks (a screenplay by Steven Zaillian has been done for a while). But Fincher holds out hope.

Fincher, who has another adaptation of a best-selling novel set to open the New York Film Festival in the form of "Gone Girl," told a Swedish site (via Film Divider and Vulture) that, "I think because [Sony] already has spent millions of dollars on the rights and the script, it will result in something." He went on: "The script that we now have has huge potential. I can reveal that it is extremely different from the book." (We can blame Google translate for the clumsy wording because we're pretty sure Fincher doesn't talk like an old timey magician and say things like "I can reveal.")

Look, it's great to be optimistic about these kinds of things, and we know that "Fire" was Fincher's favorite of the Stieg Larsson trilogy of books (and the reason he signed on to shepherd the franchise in the first place), but this is just not going to happen. Right now it seems like a logistical nightmare first and foremost, especially considering how busy stars Rooney Mara (who is in next year's fairy tale epic "Pan") and Daniel Craig (who starts shooting the next Bond movie this winter) are and how interest in the series has been steadily decreasing since the American film's release (there had already been a trilogy of Swedish films produced).

But hey. Dare to dream, Fincher. Dare to dream.

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