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Just when you thought you never wanted to see another "Let It Go" cover ever again, here comes Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig to prove you wrong.

Of course, it wouldn't be those comediennes without a twist, which the pair revealed to be that they actually don't know the hit song from "Frozen" at all. "I just know that the words 'Let It Go' are in there," Wiig offered helpfully during an appearance on DeGeneres's talk show Monday.

Despite their ignorance, DeGeneres suggested that they sing the song anyway, to the delight of the audience. "We will be the worst of all the videos!" the host declared, and she was right -- sort of.

Wiig and DeGeneres were indeed pretty terrible at crooning the tune, doing their best to keep up with lyrics on a Teleprompter and failing miserably. As one confusing couplet raced by, Wiig quipped, "Kids don't know what fractals are." But the horrible singing was still utterly hilarious, a brave attempt that earns extra points for effort and commitment to the gag.

Watch it and be delighted. And be thankful that the onslaught of these covers seems to be at an end. (Unless Wiig and DeGeneres's version inspires copycats...)

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Photo credit: YouTube

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