"Sesame Street" parodies are kind of the best, so when a new one drops, you need to drop everything you're doing and watch it... especially when it's a riff on "Star Wars."

This latest spoof is called "Star S'mores" and it features characters like Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo (played, of course, by Cookie Monster), Only One Cannoli, Darth Baker, and a lovable sidekick character called Chewy, who is, literally, a Cookie (get it?) There's also an amazing moment when they go to meet a Yoda-like character played by Grover and the Cookie Monster says, "You remind me of somebody... But who?" (For the record, Grover was originally voiced and performed by original Jim Henson confederate Frank Oz, as was Yoda. Oz occasionally still does the character, although Eric Jacobson more regularly performs Grover. Can't tell for sure who does the job in this spoof.)

Honestly do you need to know anything else? Just watch it already! It'll make your Monday infinitely cheerier (and it might even teach you a little something about controlling yourself around cookies).

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