Benedict Cumberbatch is sort of a modern day Mr. Darcy, a handsome, roguish Brit who sets hearts aflutter with the smallest smirk. So it makes sense, then, that the movie star would participate in a mash-up photo session portraying the Jane Austen hero, as he did recently for a U.K. charity campaign.

The photo, in which Cumberbatch recreates Darcy's infamous emergence from a lake, sopping wet and wearing an unbuttoned shirt to boot, has been making the social media rounds in an effort to raise awareness for Give Up Clothes For Good, an initiative organized by T.K. Maxx (the British version of retailer T.J. Maxx). Cumberbacth participated in the titillating shoot with photographer Jason Bell -- who shot a number of other celebs, too -- to drum up donations for the cause, which collects used clothing and donates proceeds from their sale to a U.K. cancer charity.

Since Give Up Clothes For Good was started ten years ago, the initiative has raised more than £17.6 million (approximately $28.6 million). We imagine that a soggy Cumberbatch will bring in plenty more where that came from -- once his fans stop swooning over the image, anyway.

Check out the photo below, and visit the Give Up Clothes page for more details.
via: Metro, Dundas Communications, h/t Vulture

Photo credit: Getty Images

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