Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' With "Star Wars: Episode VII" currently filming in England, more and more photos are leaking from the set. But this latest one might be the most spoiler-iffic of them all!

A Twitter user posted a pic of someone who looks like Adam Driver wearing the orange uniform of an X-wing fighter pilot! He's seen walking through a park-like area that resembles last week's set pic of the Millennium Falcon and an X-wing jet.

This could totally upset speculation that Driver is one of the movie's main villains.
Now, caveats: While that certainly looks like Driver, it's not totally clear that it's him. Also, it's entirely possible that Driver's character starts out as a good guy, but is wooed over to the Dark Side.

Another Twitter user posted a different photo of two women who appear to be Gwendoline Christie and Crystal Clarke, but their outfits don't tell us much:
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