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Someone's getting a wardrobe upgrade in "Star Wars: Episode VII"!

C-3PO, stalwart protocol droid, is getting a brand-new suit, as actor Anthony Daniels revealed to Entertainment Weekly. Don't worry that Threepio will look different; Daniels explained that fans shouldn't notice a thing.

When director J.J. Abrams first approached Daniels about giving just a voice performance in "Episode 7," he declined.

"He knew I'd say that. There's no way I would just do the voice," said Daniels, who is the only actor to appear in all six existing "Star Wars" movies.

"I also said that it can't be the same suit. I will tell you that the team then got together and built a new suit. They made an entirely new look-a-like with changes that you will never notice [on screen] that made my life a lot easier. I can get it on and off very quickly. [During the prequels], the only time [Threepio has] been CG was when it was very dangerous [to act in the scene in a suit] - and it wasn't very good. In fact, I'm going to say it was awful."

Daniels does provide C-3PO's voice in DisneyXD's animated series, "Star Wars Rebels." Otherwise, he said the droid is much more believable when he's in the suit.

"With me [in the suit], he's always going to move the same way and have the same reactions, timing, and so on," he said. "With CG, you're working with some brilliant person on the keyboard who is trying to pretend to be me."

"Star Wars: Episode VII" is currently filming and hits theaters Dec. 18, 2015.

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