awkward celebrity publicMost parts of being a celebrity - the money, the perks, the adoring masses - sound awesome. But one aspect doesn't and that's what regular people say to them on the street.

Vanity Fair asked a slew of celebs what fans say when they get recognized. And poor things: The most common question is "Who are you?" (Yeah, yeah, cue the tiny violin.)

As Mark Ruffalo answered, "Can I get a picture? Who are you again?"

Or worse, fans totally know who they are - except they're also totally wrong, like when they mistake Keira Knightley for Anne Hathaway. (Come on, guys, they don't look anything alike.)

Not all fans are clueless, picture-taking robots. Some are actually kind of sweet, like whoever told Reese Witherspoon, "You're my best friend and you don't even know it."

Creepy, but sweet nonetheless.