FOX sitcoms "The Mindy Project" and "New Girl" returned to our TVs this week, reuniting us with two of our biggest on-screen crushes, Danny Castellano and Nick Miller.

These lovable leads are far from perfect, but they have unique charms and quirks that we can't help but fall for week after week. But they're not the only comedy TV guys we wish were real. We've rounded 7 characters from popular sitcoms who are pretty much our boyfriends in our minds. Sure, most of them are goofy, a little off, and on the weird side, but that only makes us love them more.

Danny Castellano, "The Mindy Project"

This New Yorker happens to be a hot doctor who loves pizza, Bruce Springsteen, and his ma. Did we mention he can dance?

Nick Miller, "New Girl"

OK -- he's a little lost when it comes to his career direction, plus, his apartment is a little crowded. But Nick makes up for it with that adorable smile, those sarcastic wise-cracks, and his unwavering loyalty. Bonus points if you're a Chicago sports fan.

Jake Peralta, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

We just can't get enough of the goofball detective and all his hilarious charms. The cute cop has proven to be a good friend who has a softer side underneath his silly exterior.

Charlie Kelly, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

We admit this one is a bit odd, but there's just something about Charlie Kelly. Maybe it's those puppy dog eyes, his boyish excitability, or the fact that he never fails to make us laugh. Sure, his morals are questionable, but just look at that unrelenting enthusiasm he has when it comes to getting something done!

Andy Dwyer, "Parks and Recreation"

Chris Pratt has quickly become one of Hollywood's most talked about stars, but we'll always think of Star-Lord as the wacky, but well-meaning Andy Dwyer. Just look how cute he is!

Leonard Hofstadter, "The Big Bang Theory"

Leonard is insanely smart, quick-witted, and a total hopeless romantic. He might be a little shy and unsure of himself, but it only makes him that much more endearing. There's only one obstacle in this potential relationship -- his roommate.

Grayson Ellis, "Cougar Town"

It's hard to deny the appeal of Grayson Ellis. Despite being a tad vain, we think this Florida charmer would be a blast to hang out with. He even owns his own bar. Um -- free drinks!

Photo courtesy of Emily Shur/FOX

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