ER Cast Where Are They Now
At last month's Emmys, host Seth Meyers jokingly referred to Julianna Margulies as the only "ER" cast member ever to amount to anything. Get it? Because in the 20 years since "ER" debuted (on Sept. 19, 1994), many of its alumni have enjoyed distinguished careers, including an actor who was all but unknown when the series premiered, a fellow named Clooney.

In fact, of the original sextet, few of the actors stayed very long; most moved on quickly as their careers blossomed. The show went through multiple cast changes throughout its 15 seasons. For viewers, the attraction of "ER" turned out to be not the rotating cast of doctors and nurses but the innovative format, blending action histrionics, medical wonkery, and soapy personal drama. If you've wondered, then, what became of your favorite medics from Chicago's County General, here's a gallery tracing the careers of some of "ER"'s biggest stars.