Amy Adams in Big EyesWill "Big Eyes" be Tim Burton's comeback? This trailer is giving us hope that the wild-haired director is returning to his weird suburban roots -- this time without Johnny Depp. No real disrespect meant, but their gothic bromance was getting a little codependent, don't you think?

"Big Eyes" stars Amy Adams as Margaret Keane, the artist behind those wonderfully creepy paintings of children staring out at the viewer with giant, limpid eyes. Keane's husband Water (Christoph Waltz) convinces her to let him take credit for the paintings -- "Sadly, people don't buy lady art" -- and she watches while the money rolls in from what becomes a kitschy cottage industry. Eventually, the empire bearing her last name just isn't enough, and Margaret sets out to tell the truth about her "big eyes."

The trailer gives us a good look at the overbearing Walter, who tries to convince Margaret that just signing Keane on the paintings is almost as good as giving Margaret credit for her own work. (Sorry, pal. Nice try.) We also get a peek at Krysten Ritter as Margaret's best friend, who seems skeptical of her friend's fast-talking new paramour, as well as Jason Schwartzman as the owner of an art gallery.

Take a look at the trailer and tell us what you think. Will you be lining up for "Big Eyes" on Christmas day?

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]