The Interview, James Franco, Seth Rogen, Lizzy Caplan
A new red band trailer for "The Interview," in which Seth Rogen and James Franco are recruited to assassinate Kim Jong-un, takes advantage of its opportunity to show off the flick's dirtiest, most vulgar jokes -- and makes the high-concept comedy appear even more appealing.

The clip is packed with filthy quips about a bald-headed Rob Lowe resembling a certain member of the male anatomy, and an extended scene in which Franco enjoys sniffing ... well, something we can't print here. But suffice it to say, it got our attention.

But "The Interview" is more than gross-out humor and sight gags -- though it does offer plenty of those -- thanks to its screwball plot to have Rogen and Franco take out the North Korean leader, by way of instruction from a CIA agent played by Lizzy Caplan. What begins with Rogen pleading with Franco to cover real news on their celebrity tabloid TV show ends up with the men potentially becoming news themselves, and the once-reluctant pair eventually go all-in on the ridiculous plan.

"Kim must die. It's the American way," Franco declares.

Based on this clip, we're totally on board, too.

"The Interview," which was initially scheduled to open in October, has now been reassigned to premiere on Christmas Day.

[via: The Dissolve]

Photo credit: Ed Araquel for CTMG, Inc.