mighty ducksIf you heard the familiar "Quack, quack, quack!" refrain from "The Mighty Ducks" off in the distance this weekend, you weren't hallucinating: Most of the cast staged an epic reunion on Sunday in honor of the 20th anniversary of "D2: The Mighty Ducks," and recreated the film's iconic Flying V.

Marguerite Moreau, who played Connie in the "Ducks" trilogy, posted a series of photos to her Instagram account (along with her husband, Christopher Redman) documenting the awesome occurrence, complete with a massive, 21-person Flying V featuring just about every important character to grace the "Ducks" series throughout its three-film run.

Two glaring omissions, as pointed out by MTV, were Joshua Jackson and Emilio Estevez, a.k.a. Charlie Conway and Gordon Bombay, who somehow missed the memo about Sunday's gathering. While it doesn't seem like a true "Ducks" reunion without them, the number of cast members that assembled for the event was still pretty impressive, and still fills us with joy.

Check out the rest of Moreau's photos (and a few taken by Redman) below, and join us in reveling in the nostalgia. (And see if you recognize grown-up versions of Goldberg, Guy Germaine, Adam Banks, Dean Portman, and Luis Mendoza.) Say it with us now: Ducks fly together!

via: Marguerite Moreau, h/t BuzzFeed

Photo credit: YouTube

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