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Will Charlie Sheen return to "Two and a Half Men" for the CBS sitcom's final season? According to the actor, he's on board with a potential comeback -- but it's unclear if he's actually been in touch with creator Chuck Lorre about that possibility.

Sheen made headlines on Tuesday when he told TV Guide that he had reached out to Lorre and CBS, and was having discussions about a potential appearance on "Men" this season.

"We're trying to figure out what makes the most sense," Sheen said of those negotiations. "If they figure it out like I've presented it to them and they want to include me in some final send-off, I'm available and I'm showing up early. If not, it's on them."

But it wouldn't be Sheen without some sort of exaggeration, as it appears that he wasn't exactly truthful with TV Guide about those discussions. E! News reports that there have been no such discussions between the actor and the network, with a source telling the site, "Charlie has not had any conversations with the 'Two and a Half Men' producers regarding a return."

So who's right? Sheen and his spokesperson certainly think they're in a position to return, and seem to believe that Lorre and co. know about it. The actor told E! "The chances would be 100 percent" of him returning, "If they want to do it."

"I just want to do it classy," Sheen elaborated in an interview with E! about a potential return storyline. "I want to do it in a way that still services what the show is today, and also honors what it was when I was there. Who knows? I'm sure they are over there right now, pen to paper, trying to figure something out. If it's not done properly, then there is no reason to do it. But it's a pretty smart group over there and I'm sure they will figure something. Something that makes sense to everyone."

Of course, it's going to take some major maneuvering to make a Sheen comeback work, since his character was killed off in 2011 after Sheen was fired from the show following a nasty public spat with Lorre. His character's ghost was featured in one subsequent episode of the series -- but played by Kathy Bates.

Plus, Lorre has gone on record as saying that he wants to put the focus squarely on Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher) this season, with a risky-sounding plotline in which the two men marry so that Walden can adopt a child. Maybe Sheen's spirit can inhabit the child? We're sure the actor is already calling his agent with ideas.

via: TV Guide, E! News

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