john malkovich iconic photosJohn Malkovich has played a lot of roles in his life, but for his latest project, he may have doubled the number.

The actor posed for photographer Sandro Miller in a series of images replicating iconic pictures, many featuring celebrities. For instance, he stands in for a naked John Lennon hugging wife Yoko Ono. And topless, he holds two pink roses in front of his chest, just as Marilyn Monroe famously did.

The series, called "Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich," will be shown at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago starting Nov. 7.
John Malkovich"This whole body of work it just to me, and I hope for others, is to really see just how deep this man is and just how brilliant and how much of a genius he is when it comes to performance, to performance art," Miller told Entertainment Weekly of his longtime collaborator.

"I don't think John is just an actor for the big big silver screen. I think John is a perfect example of a pop culture icon ready to take on anything."

And Miller really does mean anything. Check out the full set of images in the slideshow below. For the gallery website, click here.

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