Liam Neeson, Taken 3, Tak3n
Because no movie with a number in its title can just leave well enough alone, "Taken 3" has officially been re-branded as "Tak3n" -- and could be the final film in the franchise.

USA Today revealed the title switcheroo in a first look at the flick and a profile of its star, Liam Neeson. No word on whether the actor is renaming himself Liam N33son for the occasion.

But Neeson did drop a different bomb during his interview with the paper, noting that he thinks it may be time for the "Taken" franchise to end once "Tak3n" hits theaters.

"It's a rollicking good story," Neeson told USA Today of the third flick in the series. "But I think this is the end."

Of course, studio 20th Century Fox will probably have the last word on that, but it seems that "Tak3n" will spell the end of Neeson's involvement in the franchise. We'll miss his particular set of skills.

"Tak3n" -- seriously, they couldn't just stick with "Taken 3"? -- is due in theaters on January 9, 2015.

[via: USA Today, h/t Collider]

Photo credit: Sam Urdank for 20th Century Fox

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