keanu reevesBeing a world-famous actor has its perks, but being stalked definitely isn't one of them.

Keanu Reeves has now had not one but two break-ins this month, the latest being a woman found showering and skinny-dipping in his pool. This was just two days after Reeves woke to find a woman sitting in his library in the hopes of meeting him. Reeves wasn't home for this most recent incident. Apparently a cleaning crew left a gate open, which allowed for the night swimmer to make her way into Reeves's house without incident.

Reeves's newest movie, "John Wick," just premiered in Austin, TX, at Fantastic Fest. In the trailer below, he gets mad and shoots a bunch of people for killing his puppy. Luckily for everyone, Reeves is much more chill in real life. During an interview with Nerdist at Fantastic Fest, Reeves very jokingly (or perhaps resignedly?) said he'd be into "Speed 3," which might be a cool idea because then he could afford a new alarm system. (Just kidding - dude is loaded. And incredibly generous.)

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