popples netflixPrepared to be Poppled, kids.

Netflix announced today that they're making an original series out of the brightly colored toys and related animated TV cartoon beloved by children in the '80s. Over the course of 26 episodes, the show will follow five Best Popple Pals as they engage in "mayhem" and shenanigans in their hometown of Popplopolis.

"With the global reach of Netflix, we know Popples will reach a whole new generation of kids that will love it as much as their parents," said Haim Saban, founder of Saban Brands, which created the Popples.

If your memory is fuzzy like a Popple, the toys look like teddy bear/rabbit hybrid and have long tails with pom-poms on the ends. They have pouches on the back that they can roll up into. When they roll out, they make a popping sound. Hence, Popples.

Could Netflix's move to bring Popples back to television ignite an '80s cartoon nostalgia war? Come on, AMC, where's our Teddy Ruxpin reboot?

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