If a TV show is successful or has a beloved character viewers can't get enough of, chances are a spinoff is going to be a possibility, or at least a topic of discussion among fans. The genre might not be as popular as it was in the '70s and '80s, though it's definitely still alive and well.

The second spinoff of the "NCIS" franchise premiered this week with "NCIS: New Orleans," which followed in the footsteps of hit "NCIS: Los Angeles." In fact, the original "NCIS" is a spinoff of the series "Jag," so these are really just spinoffs of a spinoff at this point. (Still with me?). And one of this year's most talked-about spinoffs hasn't even aired yet -- the buzzy "Breaking Bad" offshoot, "Better Call Saul." Only time will tell if it will be as big of a show as the original.

Nope, not all spinoffs can win over watchers like "The Jeffersons," "Frasier," or "A Different World." Some of them fade into oblivion despite their strong beginnings. You most likely don't remember a lot of the short-lived by-products of popular programs from the last few decades, even if they came out of your favorite show.

It should be noted that some of these canceled experiments offer up a silver lining. A lot of now-famous actors and actresses appeared in spinoffs. Even Oscar winner Halle Berry got her start on a failed series that you (probably) forgot about. Check out that one and more in our roundup of 11 totally forgotten spinoffs above.
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