blackhat trailer chris hemsworthChris Hemsworth might be the most handsome man in the world. We saw him recently and he quite literally towers over mere mortals. There's a reason he was cast as the Asgardian savior Thor; he really is a demigod. So it is kind of refreshing to see him in the trailer for Michael Mann's upcoming crime epic "Blackhat" (does Michael Mann make anything but crime epics?), where he gets to kick ass with a bunch of choice keystrokes instead of a mythological hammer.

This is the same trailer we saw at the Legendary panel at Comic Con (and it dazzled there too), and lays out the basic plot for "Blackhat," which concerns a very dangerous hacker (Hemsworth) who gets released from prison in order to help Chinese and American forces stop an even-more-dangerous hacker from turning things upside down. It costars Viola Davis, Manny Montana, William Mapother and John Ortiz and it looks totally amazing.

Mann is easily one of the best, most regularly underrated filmmakers working today, and seeing him play on such an epic canvas, with a story that we are all finding increasingly relatable, should be really special. (Also: it looks like his experimenting with digital photography has finally paid off; it looks gorgeous.) There's been some chatter that there will be a limited release of "Blackhat" at the end of the year to qualify for Oscar consideration, but should otherwise be out in wide release on January 16th, 2015.