"Parenthood" fans, the time has come. The 6th and final season premiere of the beloved Braverman saga airs Thursday, September 25 and we couldn't be sorrier to prepare to see this fantastic TV family ride off into the Berkeley sunset.

We left off with a lot of uncertainty -- Joel and Julia's separation, Amber's possible pregnancy (though it looks pretty positive in this promo), Hank and Sarah's future, and the sale of Zeek and Camille's home were the major story lines we're all looking to get some answers about.

But what if we could decide how this family drama ends? Here are our hopes and dreams for "Parenthood''s final season. Do you agree?

Hank and Sarah Make It Work
Apologies to all those Mr. Cyr diehards out there (we know! he's great!), but it would be lovely to see Hank and Sarah end up together. Their chemistry is unparalleled and his relationship with Max has made him even more endearing. Apparently Hank's ex-wife will come back to town this season, but something tells us that savvy Sarah can handle it all.

The Return of Haddie
Excuse me, but Haddie had one of the best "Parenthood" arcs of all-time! We're talking about her relationship with soup kitchen manager Alex, played by the lovable Michael B. Jordan. Let's make sure Haddie has a proper send-off. She made an appearance in Season 5's finale when she brought her new girlfriend home. Now we want more of these two.

The School Happens and It's a Big Success
Last season, Kristina was on a quest to open up a charter school. Let's give her this win and make that succeed. We would prefer it to go down like this, though: the sale on Zeek and Camille's house falls through and Kristina buys it with the money left to her by Gwen, her friend who died of cancer. The school is a success and for some reason Mr. Cyr works there (we don't want him to, like, NOT be around this season). Let's also say Michael B. Jordan returns as the assistant guidance counselor because this is our dream scenario and we don't care that he's a superhero now. We're not saying he and Haddie get back together, we just want him to make an appearance in any way possible.

Drew Finds Himself
Drew's been through a lot when it comes to his family and the complicated ladies in his life. We would like to see Drew gain some confidence through something outside of his personal relationship this season. It's a thrill to see him happy in love, but he also needs to learn to love himself too.

All Good Things For Amber ...
It's been a bumpy road for Amber Holt, and Season 6 appears throw more curveballs considering she is most likely pregnant with Ryan's baby. We're still on the fence about what we want when it comes to Ryan -- he's been an unpredictable force in her life full of unpredictable forces. We're not sure what we wish for her personally, but career-wise we would like to see continued success. Maybe the Luncheonette signs her and she produces a sleeper hit for that business?

... Including Peace With Her Father
We got to see Amber and Drew's dad, Seth (John Corbett), in Season 5 when Amber retreated to his home. In a perfect world, there's a chance to see Aiden Shaw Seth at some point again this last season. We would probably cry many tears if he and Amber did an emotional duet.

Something Awesome Happens to Max
Maybe Max gets a photography award, gets published, or is allowed to help lead an after-school photography course at the charter school?

Zeek and Camille Go on an Exotic Vacation
Last season Camille jaunted off to Italy to paint, leaving Zeek at at home by his lonesome. Let's hope they take some of that house sale money and go to Paris or Bali or Toronto or whatever and have a little fun.

Joel and Julia 4Eva
Is it too much to ask that these two reconcile? Is it TOO MUCH?

No Deaths, Please
Haven't there been enough tears shed as a result of this show? At the NBC TCA panel this summer, Showrunner Jason Katims teased that the Bravermans will face "a huge challenge" and the arc will "be something we haven't seen before." Gulp.

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