While international trailers for "Serena" have been out for a while now, there had been no word on a U.S. release date for the long-delayed Jennifer Lawrence-Bradley Cooper historical drama -- until now.

In an interview with Thompson on Hollywood, Magnolia Pictures president Eamonn Bowles revealed that the flick would finally make its stateside debut in early 2015. "Serena" will first be available via VOD on February 26, with a theatrical release planned for March 27.

"Serena" has been notorious for its slow production/release schedule, and was actually shot way back in 2012, between Cooper and Lawrence's other big screen collaborations, "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle." But for whatever reason, the film, helmed by Danish director Susanne Bier, was never completely finished, and no news about a release strategy ever came together.

Then, word of an international release plan broke, but there was no news on a U.S. debut. It seems that that problem has finally been remedied, though many are wondering just why it took Bier so long to finish the flick.

But as Bowles explained to Thompson on Hollywood, the delay came down to choosing between several different cuts of the film, which "took a lot of time," he said, adding that those different versions boiled down to "a question of emphasis" in the film's plot, not its overall quality.

"Susanne tweaked it and it got better," Bowles said. "The [cut] they have now is the best one. It's a beautiful-looking period piece, a fantastic-looking production. It's completely relatable and understandable and a really good film. It's a serious drama, a big-scale romance, and a bit of a tragic Lady MacBeth story."

And Bowles also addressed the elephant in the room -- namely, that a film with so many delays (and now looking at a VOD release and early March theatrical bow) is of low quality. Not so, he said.

"If people go in thinking it's a bad film they will be pleasantly surprised," Bowles told Thompson on Hollywood. "It's a good film. I stand by it. Susanne Bier did a good job directorially on this film."

So there you have it. Now, audiences will finally get to see for themselves what all the fuss is about -- and if "Serena" lives up to Bowles's hype.

"Serena" arrives on VOD on February 26, 2015, and in theaters on March 27, 2015.

[via: Thompson on Hollywood, h/t The Playlist]

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