sexy olaf frozen costumeDo you want to build a snowman? Or a sexy snowman?

Online costume retailer Yandy is giving customers the latter option for Halloween this year by selling a sexed-up version of a costume mimicking Olaf from "Frozen." While they don't have permission from Disney to use his name or reference the hit animated flick, there's no mistaking that they're going for the goofy sidekick that they've dubbed "Funny Snowman." (The item's URL actually dubs it the "Sultry Snow Darling" costume, though perhaps Yandy rethought that one in favor of something a little more kid-friendly.)

While the site is known for its va-va-voom versions of beloved characters (including Minnie Mouse and Where's Waldo), and is also trying out versions of Elsa and Anna's looks from the film, seeing them tart up a silly talking snowman seems like a bit of a reach. Though we suppose it's a relief that the thigh-high stockings and glittering platform heels are sold separately.

This isn't the first time that Yandy has stripped down an oddball character into a scantily-clad shell of its former self (see the Where's Waldo example, above), though somehow, as HuffPost Entertainment points out, imagining someone wearing a look like this inspired by a character played by Josh Gad rubs us the wrong way. Then again, we're probably just a bunch of old prudes who need to "Let It Go" already.

Check out a photo of the costume below, and try not to cringe too much.
Olaf, Frozen, Sexy Olaf costume

via: Yandy, h/t HuffPost Entertainment

Photo credit: Associated Press

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