With the recent casting confirmation for "True Detective's" doggedly anticipated second season, there was a possibility that the spoofs, spin-offs and whatever else you can imagine connected to the original, indelibly brilliant season would die off. Time, after all, is a flat circle. But thankfully that isn't the case, as maybe our favorite "True Detective" spoof yet has debuted – and it stars Ellen Page and Kate Mara, no less. Say hello to "Tiny Detectives."

The conceit behind the Funny-or-Die spoof is simple: it's like "True Detective" except that the two detectives are impossibly short women. That's pretty much it. And yet it's still so, so funny. And it's a testament to the hilariousness of the spoof that you'll probably laugh yourself silly even if you have never seen the beloved HBO series although, honestly, if you haven't seen "True Detective" yet, you'd better have a pretty good excuse.