It seems that there's new "True Detective" season two casting news every few hours, and today is no different: Variety reports that Rachel McAdams has been offered the female lead, while rumored co-star Taylor Kitsch is also "expected" to join the ensemble.

According to Variety, HBO has offered McAdams the part, as one of three police officers who team with a crime boss to help solve a murder. The recently-confirmed Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will play a cop and the crime boss, respectively, while Variety notes that McAdams's role is expected to be of a similar showy variety as that of Matthew McConaughey's Rust Cohle in season one.

Variety reports that while McAdams was the frontrunner for the part for several weeks --vying with seemingly every actress is Hollywood -- her selection for the show came down to a workaround in her schedule. McAdams was set to start shooting "Spotlight," the drama about the uncovering of abuse in the Catholic Church, and it was unclear if she could also devote time to "True Detective."

"Sources now say that in the last 24 hours a deal was worked out where the actresses could do both projects," Variety writes.

As for the fourth lead role in the cast, Taylor Kitsch's name had been floated for some time as a possibility. Now, Variety says that the actor's involvement is all but a done deal, and he is "expected to land the role" as the third cop in the lineup.

So far, no word from McAdams, Kitsch, or HBO on the news; stay tuned for official announcements.

[via: Variety, h/t The Playlist]

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