"The Equalizer," Denzel Washington's big-screen take on the 1980s TV action series about a middle-aged badass-for-hire, may be a perfectly fine movie. Still, here's a question for Hollywood: once you're adapting "The Equalizer," doesn't it mean you've dipped into the '80s TV well a few times too many?

"Equalizer" joins such '80s TV-to-film adaptations as "The A-Team," "Miami Vice," "Inspector Gadget," "He-Man," the "Transformers" franchise, the "G.I. Joe" movies, and the various "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" reboots.. Plus, the team that made a hit film franchise out of "21 Jump Street" will try to work similar magic on "The Greatest American Hero."

You'd think there wouldn't be any gold left to mine from the "Sold Gold" decade. But you'd be wrong. Digging around in the nostalgia pit, Moviefone unearthed at least 15 more '80s TV series that could become successful movies, if they're done right. Here are our suggestions for how to turn more vintage '80s reruns into box office gold.80s tv show movies
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