Well, this is something of a stretch... A New Jersey-based author named Isabella Tanikumi has filed a lawsuit against Disney claiming that their animated blockbuster "Frozen" incorporated elements from her books, "Living My Truth" and "Yearning of My Heart," both of which are autobiographical. Please keep in mind that "Frozen" is adapted from the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Snow Queen" that was originally published in Denmark in 1844.

The lawsuit, detailed by Entertainment Weekly (via E!), was filed on September 21st and features 18 instances where "Frozen" supposedly mimics Tanikumi's work. She is suing for a whopping $250 million. These instances vary from the incredibly vague ("Younger Sister Falls in Love" and "Two Male Characters") to things that are both specific and totally insane ("Hands to the Sky With Sprinkles," something that she claims is an image from her books that is replicated on the DVD cover).

Other things to keep in mind: that "Frozen" takes place in a mythical fairy-tale land, features a character that is a magically enchanted snowman, and is about a woman who casts an entire kingdom into a perpetual winter. Almost all of these things we're pretty sure aren't real. While it would be wrong to dismiss Tanikumi outright but we're pretty sure she should follow the film's advice and let it goooooo....

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