"Revenge" is making its triumphant return to ABC for another season of beachside drama on Sunday September 28, but let's be real: this show is just as convoluted as it is addictive. Between the double identities, conniving blue bloods, socialite sleuthing, and undead former terrorists, you might find yourself slightly confused as we enter "Revenge's" fourth season.

Luckily, we have you covered with a comprehensive list of everything you need to know before Emily Thorne takes down her Hamptonite haters during Sunday night's premiere!

1. David Clarke Is Alive
Turns out David Clarke didn't actually die when he was shivved in prison, because he made his triumphant (and vaguely zombie-like) return to The Hamptons during "Revenge's" Season 3 finale. And apparently he and Emily have similar fashion sense, because David loves himself a black hoodie. Will this sly guy make his presence known to his daughter during the show's premiere? Probably not, but we definitely haven't seen the last of David Clarke.

2. Victoria Grayson's Chillin' in an Insane Asylum
In order get revenge on Victoria for murdering Aiden, Emily casually had her sectioned in a local psychiatric ward, as ya do. We have a feeling the Grayson matriarch won't stay locked up for too long, so expect her to exact some revenge of her own once she breaks free of her straitjacket and makes her way back to the beach.

3. Victoria Knows Emily's True Identity
Speaking of Victoria, she seems to finally be onto Emily's huge secret: that she's been moonlighting as Amanda Clarke. The problem is that no one believes Victoria and she doesn't have a shred of evidence. So, will this nefarious Queen B try to blow Emily's cover once she breaks out of the ward, or will she keep playing along while building a case against Ems? Either way, a Herve Leger bandage dress will most likely be involved.

4. Daniel Grayson Accidentally Slept With a Prostitute...Who OD'd Post-Coitus
Unfortunately, poor Daniel closed out "Revenge's" third season by unwittingly having sex with a prostitute who was paid in cocaine to sleep with him. Even more unfortunately, said prostitute OD'd and died in bed next to him, and pictures were definitely snapped. Looks like the prodigal Grayson son will begin next season with another skeleton in his closet...and we mean that in the most literal way possible.

5. Conrad Grayson Is Dead
Let's pour some Dom Perignon out to Conrad Grayson, who was murdered in the backwoods by David Clarke during Revenge's finale. Conrad definitely looked dead as the camera panned away from his body, so don't expect to see him trolling around The Hamptons this season. Unless he pulls a David Clarke and has the ability to miraculously survive knifings...

6. Jack Porter Is a Suspect in Charlotte Grayson's Abduction
Despite being the one member of Emily's Revenge Squad who actually cared that Charlotte Grayson was abducted and used as leverage, it looks like poor Jack Porter is taking the fall. Charlotte recognized Jack as her captor last season, and immediately set the police on him –– and now it looks like he's going to jail for stalking socialites. Unless Emily Thorne has something to say about it, which she probably will.

7. Nolan Ross Has a New French Friend
After three seasons of Revenge we can confidently say that Nolan Ross loves nothing more than taking down Daniel Grayson, and it looks like he's found a friend with common interests –– aka Gideon LeMarchal. Nolan and Gideon will likely spend much of this season lording Daniel's tryst with a prostitute over his head while seizing control of Voulez, and we can't wait! Mostly because we get to watch Nolan nerd out while wearing a double-popped collar and boat shoes, but still.

Photo courtesy of ABC

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