tv shows to add to netflixListen up, Netflix.

You've given us countless hours of binge-watching splendor, but we want more. Sure, your exclusive series are great ("House of Cards"! "Orange Is the New Black"!) and the fact that you have every season of "The Walking Dead" available to watch 24/7 is killer, but there are still a few cherished TV series that are missing from your reasonably priced, wonderfully accessible streaming service. And that, my lost weekend-inducing friend, is a crime.

So here, Netflix, are 34 TV shows -- in no particular order -- that deserve your immediate consideration. (Please stop denying us the ability to relive the '80s and '90s.)

1. "ER"
2. "Soap"
3. "Will & Grace"
4. "Golden Girls"
5. "Designing Women"
6. "The Cosby Show"
7. "Roseanne"
8. "Smallville"
9. "Felicity"
10. "My So-Called Life"
11. "St. Elsewhere"
12. "Babylon 5"
13. "Veronica Mars"
14. "The O.C."
15. "Hill Street Blues"
16. "Beverly Hills, 90210"
17. "The Shield"
18. "Justified"
19. "Battlestar Galactica"
20. "NYPD Blue"
21. "I Love Lucy"
22. "Full House"
23. "Dawson's Creek"
24. "Boston Legal"
25. "Happy Endings"
26. "Mash"
27. "The Shield"
28. "24"
29. "The Muppet Show"
30. "Seinfeld"
31. "NCIS"
32. "CSI"
33. "The Mentalist"
34. "The Simpsons"
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