Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, The Skeleton Twins
As a journalist, it can be difficult to interview people when you aren't familiar with their work. Denver TV reporter Chris Parente learned that lesson the hard way recently when he chatted with "The Skeleton Twins" stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader without seeing the movie -- and made a huge, awkward blunder.

Things were going relatively smoothly as Parente began the interview with the comedians, asking them to discuss the film's unique tone, which strikes a balance between comedic and dramatic. But then the reporter tried to discuss some more specific details about the film, which he had not seen yet, and things went off the rails.

Parente alluded to Wiig's full-frontal nudity in the flick, asking the actress for tips on how to do the news in the nude. The only problem is, Wiig doesn't get naked in "Skeleton Twins" -- that would be a completely different film, "Welcome to Me" -- and she was stunned into silence, then overcome by a giggling fit, while trying to explain that to Parente.

"This is 'The Skeleton Twins,' which is a drama that played at Sundance, and has us in it, and it's a totally different movie," Hader deadpanned, as Parente tried to recover from his faux pas.

"It's a very sweet film," Hader continued.

"And Chris has not seen it," Wiig added, cackling with delight.

Parente attempted to explain himself -- the movie hasn't opened in Denver yet -- but it was too late. He had been mercilessly mocked by both actors, and shamed by his fellow morning show co-hosts to boot.

"I'm just going to Google the movie to learn about it," one co-anchor chimed in as the segment came to a close.

Watch the cringe-inducing clip below (the good stuff starts around the 1:45 mark), and remember, kids: Study up on your subjects before you do a live television interview.

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Photo credit: YouTube