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"Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt hosted the 40th season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and the show couldn't help but poke fun at Marvel's success with the unlikely superhero flick -- and audiences' undying support for seemingly anything and everything the studio produces.

In a fake trailer for supposed upcoming Marvel releases, an announcer notes that "Marvel can't fail," and now doesn't even need recognizable comic book heroes -- or real heroes of any kind, for that matter -- to find big screen success. Instead, the studio is building its next franchises around five random words from the dictionary, the clip says, featuring a pastry chef and an office chair as the next saviors of the universe.

Other upcoming titles from the comic powerhouse include "Marvel's Bus People," "Marvel's Fancy Ghosts," and "Marvel's Pam 2: The Winter Pam." And what would Marvel's take on new sister company Disney's property "Star Wars" be without "Guardians" star Chris Pratt playing Princess Leia?

Check out the hilarious, highly-accurate clip below, and tell the truth: You'd totally see "Fancy Ghosts," wouldn't you?

[via: Saturday Night Live]

Photo credit: SNL