Mindy Kaling, Sesame Street, Elmo
Mindy Kaling stopped by "Sesame Street" to teach kids about the word "enthusiastic," enlisting Elmo and a group of chickens to help her demonstrate.

The "Mindy Project" star explained to Elmo that "enthusiastic" is just another way of saying you're really excited about something, adding that she's enthusiastic about dancing. Kaling then busted a move, quickly followed by the little red monster

Things temporarily go off the rails when a group of chickens stops by (not as weird as it sounds), but the actress is unflappable, joining in as the fowl explain that what they're really enthusiastic about is jumping. It's a cute clip that will make you smile, and also make you want to get up and shake your tailfeather yourself -- a combination about which we're pretty enthusiastic ourselves.

[via: Sesame Street]

Photo credit: YouTube