"Homeland"'s two-episode Season 4 premiere is just around the corner, which means you should probably re-assemble your Carrie Mathison-style conspiracy wall. Considering that this show is just as famous for its convoluted plotline as Carrie is for her crying face, we're sure you have a lot of questions. Yeah, you watched every episode of Homeland's third season, but we're hooking you up with a quick primer of everything you need to know going into the show's doubled-sized premiere!

1. Nicholas Brody Is Dead
Hot off the heels of killing General Akbari (aka the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard) Brody met up with Carrie for a brief bonding session in which they snuggled under a blanket and chatted about their feelings. Unfortunately, Dar Adal went over Saul Berenson's head and told Senator Lockhart about Brody's whereabouts –– leading the IRGC to capture him at the love shack safe house he was inhabiting with Carrie. A few minutes of TV time later, poor Brody was being publicly hanged in a square while Carrie looked on and screamed out his name.

2. Carrie Mathison Is Pregnant
Carrie found out she was pregnant with Brody's love child last season (poor kid is going to grow up with so many therapists), and decided to keep the baby –– presumably in part because she wanted a reminder of Brody. After all, they shared so many good times together! However, Homeland's third season ended with Carrie having second thoughts about whether or not she'd keep her daughter, and it looks like we'll enter Season 4 with her father being the baby's primary caregiver.

3. Carrie Gets Promoted –– And Moves To Istanbul
The silver lining (if you can call it that) to Carrie's mission with Brody is that she ends up being promoted by Senator Lockhart, who is now head of the CIA in place of Saul. Lockhart gives Carrie a new gig as Station Chief in Istanbul –– a huge step up in her career –– which means much of this coming season will presumably center around her being Javadi's puppet master.

4. The CIA Has Control of Javadi
Javadi has taken Akbari's place in the pecking order, and is now the ranking officer in Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. In other words, Saul and Carrie's plan worked perfectly –– minus Brody's death by hanging, of course. Since the CIA controls Javadi, they have a strong foothold in Iranian policy: so strong that Iranian diplomats offer IAEA inspectors access to the regime's nuclear site in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

5. Saul Moves To The Private Sector
Sadly, Saul and his giant beard were fired after Lockhart became director of the CIA eleven hours ahead of schedule (still not over that). When Homeland flashed forward four months during the season finale, we learned that Saul had taken a high-paying job in the private sector (triple salary!) –– however Mandy Patinkin is definitely on board for Homeland's fourth season, so expect him to get involved in Carrie's dramatic life one way or another....

Don't forget to check out Homeland's two episode season premiere Sunday, October 5 at 9/8c. And find out how to watch the premiere on Moviefone for free HERE.

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