Jeff Goldblum is such an agreeable weirdo that anytime he pops up -- on an episode of "Portlandia" (this past season, as mattress titan The Pull-Out King, might have been his finest performance yet), as a guest on "Conan" or in a Wes Anderson movie wearing some kind of silly facial hair – our heart gets filled with unalloyed glee. So when we saw Goldblum's new commercial for GE light bulbs, which seems to luxuriate in the actor's perceived oddness, our heart very nearly exploded with joy. (Don't worry our heart is fine.)

In the spot, directed by the brilliantly bizarre duo of Tim & Eric, Goldblum plays Terry Quattro, "Famous Person," who has "benefitted from exceptional lighting." Then Goldblum runs down how you can get "successful guy lighting at normal guy prices," in a manner that is both off-putting and truly intoxicating. (And honestly, we kind of want these light bulbs now. You can control them with your smart phone!)

It's two of the strangest minutes you'll see all week, and also two of the most brilliant. After about the one-thousandth viewing of this commercial, it took on a kind of hypnotic quality. Also, we've started saying about cheap things, "that's less than I tip the guy who tips people for me," which is probably super obnoxious.

Just watch the ad and pray for a full-length Terry Quattro movie.