For a year in cinema so full of stuff (zooming spaceships, transforming robots, talking raccoons), it has noticeably lacking in one department: the kind of ceaseless joy that is only brought about by a new Pixar movie. When the studio decided to push their summer 2014 movie "The Good Dinosaur" (which, from what we understand, is shaping up nicely) to November of next year, it meant that the movie landscape was missing a Pixar feature for the first time since the year plus long gap between "The Incredibles" and "Cars." All of this makes the June 19th, 2015 bow of "Inside Out," the studio's newest feature, even more important and highly anticipated. And judging by the teaser trailer, it's worth the wait.

The trailer is flawless; a soaring, occasionally heartbreaking ode to the studio's history and a look at the bold future that's just ahead. It runs down the emotions that define the studio's films – Joy (Dug jumping around saying "oh boy" from "Up") through Sadness (good luck not tearing up when Woody says "So long, partner") before taking us on a tour of where those emotions come from (to the tune of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion," no less). "This summer," the teaser states, "get ready to meet the little voices inside your head." That includes Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Louis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Fear (Bill Hader).

You get a glimpse at the revolutionary art direction of the characters, who are animated using thousands of tiny little sprites, and the fact that they interact inside the mind of a young girl, who has just moved with her family to a new city and is feeling pretty low (that's them eating in their new house, boxes still piled against the wall). Then the great tagline: "A Major Emotion Picture." Um yes please.

"Inside Out" was directed by Pete Docter, whose last film was "Up," and it's going to be incredibly special based on everything that we've heard and seen. Pixar may have been gone for a while, but when they return it's going to be with an envelope-pushing classic. June 19th, 2015 feels awfully far away right now.