imitation game trailerOscar-watchers have already got good old Benedict Cumberbatch on their shortlist for best actor nominees for his performance as Alan Turing in "The Imitation Game," and this trailer gives us an even better look at why.

Turing was recruited by the super secret cryptologists at Bletchley Park as part of an effort to crack the codes generated by the Enigma machine, which the German military was using to communicate during World War II. Naturally, the self-proclaimed genius encountered plenty of pushback among his colleagues and higher-ups, but Turing also had some secrets of his own.

Keira Knightley's cryptoanalyst Joan Clarke gives Turing a run for his money on the code-cracking front, but as Turing admits to a colleague, he's not really interested in her romantically despite their engagement. As alluded to in the trailer, the mathematician was convicted of "gross indecency" after being prosecuted for homosexuality. Turing was barred from his work at Bletchley Park, and died soon after, possibly by suicide. He wasn't officially pardoned by the Queen until earlier this year.

As Cumberbatch says in the trailer, "Am I a criminal? Am I a war hero?" History has proven that he's absolutely the latter, although it took far too long for it to be officially acknowledged. Hopefully, the movie will do Turing justice. We'll find out when it opens on November 21.

[Via Yahoo!]