Plastic Galaxy
The only thing "Star Wars" fans love more than parsing J. J. Abrams's Twitter feed for spoilers is "Star Wars" toys. If you were a kid in the '70s and early '80s without your own light saber or Han Solo figurine, well, recess was probably not your favorite part of the school day. This obsession hasn't let up for some people, who even as adults covet highly collectible "Star Wars" merch from back in the day, go to conventions to check out new offerings, and much more.

"Plastic Galaxy," which is currently available for rent or purchase on Vimeo, dips into the wild world of "Star Wars" collectibles, with interviews from diehard collectors, experts, and even the toy designers who worked for Kenner, the OG "Star Wars" toy designer.

Vimeo is known as an excellent way to watch and share online videos - as seasoned online screening watchers, we can vouch for its usually buffer-free reliability - but now the company is making a play for the exclusive content space. Other current on-demand offerings include the thriller "Open Windows," which stars Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood, the trippy sci-fi film "The Congress," starring Robin Wright, and Oscar-nominated doc "The Act of Killing."

Check out the trailer for "Plastic Galaxy" here!

[Via Variety]