When it comes to unexplainable creepiness, dolls are right up there with innocent, towheaded children and small towns where no one locks their doors. That's probably why people are hot to trot to see "Annabelle," the kinda sorta spin-off of "The Conjuring" that opened last night to the tune of $2.1 million.

There's nothing scarier than something you love gain consciousness, turn evil, and try to kill you and everyone you've ever loved. Especially a beloved toy like Woody, from "Toy Story." He's the best friend you could ever have, right? He's like a cooler, nicer, less bigoted version of John Wayne! He's adorable! Except it seems like he's been hanging out with Annabelle, that tiny monstrosity we first saw in "The Conjuring." She was just another evil freaking doll locked up in Ed and Lorraine Warren's special room dedicated to demonically possessed stuff back then. You might have even seen a variation on Annabelle during "A Haunted House 2," but if you're lucky, you didn't see "A Haunted House 2" at all. Oh, did we mention that Annabelle is based on a true story? Because of course she is!

This MTV mashup is just the beginning of your "Toy Story"/"Annabelle" nightmares.

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[Via MTV]