If you were scanning the weekend box office and went just outside of the top ten (and away from the discussion of how a cheap horror movie nearly overtook David Fincher's adaptation of a best-selling novel), you might have noticed "Bang Bang!," perched at No. 12. What is "Bang Bang!," you ask? Well, it's a Bollywood remake of marginal Tom Cruise action adventure "Knight & Day."

Yes, we're 100% serious.

The film stars Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the roles originated by Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz back in 2010 and judging by the trailer (which you can watch below), only shares a handful of tangential plot elements and some iconic moments from various action sequences (including the scene where Cameron Diaz is firing guns behind Tom Cruise's back while he pilots an out-of-control motorcycle).

As far as Bollywood movies go, it's something of a sensation – back in India it had the biggest release ever for an Indian film, and has been tidily cleaning up overseas as well, most notably in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and, yes, America! Like all Bollywood movies, it's super long (156 minutes, compared to the original's 110 minutes) and features a bunch of Hindi pop songs. Just one question: why wasn't there a sequence in the original where Tom Cruise levitates on some kind of weird aquatic jet pack?