Camp X-Ray
"Twilight" is fast fading into the darkness for its young stars.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been running fast and furious away from the franchise. Stewart, in particular, seems to be getting back to her former image as an up-and-coming actress with awards potential, in this fall's "Still Alice" and "Camp X-Ray."

There's a new trailer for the latter, in which Stewart plays a young guard at Guantanamo Bay. She's taught to be hard and tough and unflinching (there's a reason why the people locked up there are called "detainees" and not "prisoners"). But she ends up striking up a friendship with one of those detainees (Peyman Moaadi, "A Separation").

Though reviews of the film from festival performances have been mixed, Stewart has earned a fair amount of praise. It certainly looks like a much different role for her than anything we've seen before.

"Camp X-Ray" opens Oct. 17.