Best Walking Dead EpisodesBy Jen Sansevere, The Walking Dead Fansite

It's hard to imagine, but it's true: There are people out there who have yet to sit down and watch an episode of "The Walking Dead." Sadly, even I was a little late to the game getting into this version of the global apocalypse caused by an undead infestation. But now that I have jumped in, there is no getting out.

For those few souls that are in the dark, here's a quick list of essential episodes to watch before the Season 5 premiere on Sunday. By all accounts, this premiere is going to be the most intense one yet, and the cast has even shared their surprise about some of the story making it to television.

Narrowing this to 10 was a task that was beyond difficult, but I think these will give you the best glimpse at the road so far. All right, read closely, and set your queue to include these 10 "must-watch" episodes of "The Walking Dead."

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