Lead defense attorney Johnnie Cochran (R) puts hisFX just adopted a new companion for "American Horror Story" called "American Crime Story."

Like AHS, ACS comes from producer Ryan Murphy, and it will follow the same anthology format of the horror miniseries. The ACS franchise will focus each season on a different true crime story, and the first 10 episodes will follow that infamous white Bronco driven by O.J. Simpson.

"American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson" will be based on the book "The Run of His Life" by Jeffrey Toobin, which looks at the trial from the perspective of the lawyers and explores the behind-the-scenes deals on both sides of the court.

Production begins in early 2015 in Los Angeles, so stay tuned for casting updates and other details.

The crime story idea is fascinating, and offers plenty of potential from throughout the nation's history, but what do you think about launching the series with O.J.? We'll have to see if that choice pays off.

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