What's the price of humiliation? For Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) in "Game of Thrones" Season 5, it's roughly $200,000.

*Warning: Minor plot spoilers ahead*

HBO is currently filming Season 5, which will include a very powerful scene for Cersei that forces the queen to be completely naked as she walks through the streets of King's Landing.

Most networks can only envy the kind of budget "Game of Thrones" has at HBO, and in this case, TMZ said, producers spent $50,000 a day on the four-day shoot in Croatia. Why was it so expensive to shoot Lena/Cersei just walking down the street? It's a scene with a massive crowd, and they claim more than 200 security guards were hired to protect the set, plus they needed extra crew, and producers had to pay local business owners to shut down for filming.

There was also an added headache when the Croatian film board nixed the plan to have Lena/Cersei walk naked from the Church of St. Nicholas (which represents The Great Sept of Baelor). So, Vulture explained, filmmakers shot near the church and had to build a fake set so that no one was naked in the actual church itself.

TMZ added that cell phones were banned on set, to avoid spoilers, and everyone had to sign confidentiality agreements, with the threat of a $250,000 lawsuit if they snapped shots anyway. (Someone may be getting sued, since photos have leaked from the set.)

According to TV Guide, there are rumors that Lena Headey may have opted for a body double, so it may not even be her body that's exposed. Then again, earlier this year Lena previewed this particular scene to Blastr: "I think, you know, it's interesting, that part for me. I've been very adamant about keeping [Cersei] kind of clothed because I think that's part of her power. And she can still be sort of sexual and weird and female, but she doesn't have to be naked. And I think it makes for a more shocking disempowering moment when this happens. So, we'll see. I'm a little scared."

Can you imagine getting naked (including losing your hair) and walking down the street with hundreds of eyes on you? Lena is one brave woman, if indeed she bared all for Cersei's walk of shame. Work for that Emmy, girl!

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