X-Men Days of Future Past
The "X-Men" were a huge hit this summer on the big screen; now, they might be taking over the small screen, too.

A source told Bleeding Cool that Fox is in "deep development" of a live-action "X-Men" television show. This lines up with what "X-Men: Days of Future Past" writer Simon Kinberg has said in the past - that Fox is looking to expand its Marvel characters (including the X-Men and Fantastic Four) into television, a la "Agents of SHIELD."

It's extremely unlikely, though, that an "X-Men" show would feature any of the characters (or actors) from the movies. Fox wouldn't want to mess with a lucrative movie franchise. Instead, EatGeekPlay writer Shawn Madden tweeted that he believes the series would adapt an "X-Men" spinoff, "X-Force":
Madden refers to the Volume 3 of "X-Force," which centers on the detective agency X-Factor Investigations, run by Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man. Creator Peter David has said that he intended the volume to be an homage to "The X-Files."

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Fox. And all of it should be taken with heaping tablespoons of salt.

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