NBC wants to mess with our memories of Lloyd Dobler holding up that boombox. Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing.

Deadline recently revealed that NBC ordered a script for a single-camera comedy sequel to "Say Anything..." The show would pick up 10 years after the events of the beloved 1989 movie. In the modern-day plot, Diane Court (played in the movie by Ione Skye) has long since dumped Lloyd (originally played by John Cusack) but when she returns home, Lloyd tries to get Diane back and restart his life.

However, the TV show plan was news to the original cast and writer/director Cameron Crowe. When John Cusack was asked if he or Cameron Crowe were involved with the new series, John tweeted, "Hell no !!" For his part, director Cameron tweeted, "Regarding the announcement of a 'Say Anything' tv show... @JohnCusack, @IoneSkye1 and I have no involvement... except in trying to stop it." John shared that with an "Amen."

Deadline revisited the story after Cameron spoke out, saying the series is now in question because of his strong reaction. "[D]o they proceed with the Say Anything series, which they legally can, over the strong objection of the movie's writer-director who wants the series dead? From what I hear, that appears unlikely." Apparently the production company tried to reach out to Cameron ahead of time, but there was miscommunication. So now they're stuck with this awkwardness.

Commenting fans have supported Cameron and tsk-tsked even the idea of doing this sequel, so if it's nipped in the bud, it may be for the best.

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