To the shock of no one, AMC has renewed its ratings darling, "The Walking Dead," for a sixth season. The news was released just days before the Sunday, October 12 debut of Season 5, which is expected to break still more viewership records for the network.

"The Walking Dead" is based on comic books that are still being written by show executive producer Robert Kirkman (shown above right, with showrunner Scott Gimple), and The Powers That Be have talked about seeing the series continue into double digit seasons. There's certainly enough material to cover and "remix," as the show tends to do, changing story points for TV while still hitting the benchmark moments of the books.

Speaking of big moments, one guy readers are curious to see enter the ring is Negan. Negan is the potty-mouthed leader of The Saviors, a group of not-so-nice guys who show up in the comic book story a bit down the road, once Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company are at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Rick and crew are still stuck in Terminus as we launch Season 5, even though Terminus was not in the comic books. There are still some obvious parallels to the books and it looks like, with the Washington, D.C. "cure" mission featured in the Comic-Con trailer, we might be getting to Alexandria, VA in the second half of Season 5. If that's the case, could we see Negan in Season 6, or would that still be considered too early on the comic book story?

The current action could be seen to cover around Issues 60-65; Negan arrives in Issue 100. So it's possible Negan could be saved for a Season 6 finale, or even Season 7. Then again, some fans think Negan might even show up toward the end of Season 5. That seems too early, but it's a safe bet that Negan questions will only increase as "The Walking Dead" grows closer to the 2015-2016 season, which will most likely bow in October, like all the rest.

Do you think Negan will arrive and/or play a major role in Season 6 or is that still too soon for his story to start?

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