If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Kristen Stewart was on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday night, and she talked about rescuing a new dog while she was filming "Camp X-Ray." The story goes on and on, thanks to Jimmy visualizing everything. Kristen was at work and a friend of hers that she usually works with was playing Frisbee golf. He found two dogs and told his brother, who was driving Kristen at the time, that he needed to have a serious conversation with the two of them. He brought the dogs to Kristen's house, and she fell in love with them. Someone had abandoned the dogs at the park and just left. One of the guys kept one of the dogs and Kristen kept the other one and named her Cole, after her "Camp X-Ray" character. The dog is adorable, but Kristen said she hates when people say they need to talk to her and don't just tell her what they want right then and there. She laughs and smiles a lot in the interview, which is pretty rare for her.
Artie Lang was on "The Tonight Show" saying he's very heterosexual but he would bang every one of the One Direction guys. That was random, but still kinda funny. (He just wanted to play to the young audience.) He talked about how Jimmy always gets great guests, like Keith Richards. He shared a story about going to see the Rolling Stones at a casino in Atlantic City, and he was told he wasn't allowed to have a cigarette. He made a bet that Keith Richards would be allowed to have a cigarette during the show. Artie won $1,000 in the bet, but then used it to lose $26,000 gambling. Dang you, Keith Richards! Jimmy also launched a new series called "Do Not Game," to go over board games -- real games -- that no one should ever play. There's a sinking of the Titanic game.
Robert Downey Jr. was on "Late Show with David Letterman" and told Dave there are no plans for "Iron Man 4" at the moment. But why is that? Dave really pushed on it. (Possibly because RDJ told Ellen yes there will be one.) RDJ said he's going to do plenty of other stuff with Marvel. Marvel has a plan, even if they're secretive about it. RDJ was on the show to promote his new movie, "The Judge," and he shared a story about how his father gave him some tough love and pushed him to get a job and take care of himself. Sarah Paulson of "American Horror Story" was also on "Late Show," talking about "Freak Show." She plays a two-headed woman, but Dave was intrigued by the three-breasted woman.
Retta and Jeffrey Tambor were on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." Retta is known from "Parks and Recreation" but now she's also known as one of the best Twitter recapers of TV shows. She talked about how she got into that, and how Josh Charles of "The Good Wife" DM'd her with his cell number after this big episode to let her know he was OK. Retta also talked about how Seth's father is an amazing dancer. Interesting story. Jeffrey -- who has had patriarch roles on "Arrested Development" and "The Hangover" and now "Transparent" -- talked to Seth about family and kids and joked around a lot. He's a trip. Jeffrey also talked about "The Larry Sanders Show," which is great, if you haven't seen it.

Billy Crudup was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" promoting his new movie, "Rudderless." He said, for a period of time, he was only offered serial killer roles. Jimmy could see him playing all of the roles, including Charles Manson and Hitler. Billy also talked about being super competitive, which is something his dad pushed on him. Billy and Jimmy bonded over his competitive streak one time, playing Scrabble until the early hours of the morning. Billy and JKL are good friends and they talked about how Jimmy has slimmed down. Billy is apparently obsessed with Jimmy's body.