X-Men QuicksilverYesterday came news that Fox is in "deep development" of a live-action "X-Men" television series. Now comes a report of which characters might be featured in that series.

Film Divider claims that Fox is considering building the show around Quicksilver and Multiple Man. Both are known quantities, but not major players in the "X-Men" movies. "There's a fear of using no-name characters, worried that this will cost them viewers (cf. Agents of SHIELD), but also concern that burning up heavy hitters could cut off potential streams of movie revenue," the site says.

Quicksilver was introduced in this year's "X-Men: Days of Future Past," and instantly became a standout thanks to a stunning slow-mo scene. He was played by Evan Peters, who is no stranger to television, having starred in FX's "American Horror Story."

As for Multiple Man aka Jamie Madrox, that character was floated as a possible lead with yesterday's news. In "X-Men: The Last Stand," Multiple Man was played by Eric Dane - who also cut his teeth in television ("Grey's Anatomy").

If those two characters are at the core of the show, then it could be that Fox would base the series on the "X-Factor" comics in which they were part of a government mutant team. Sure, this is all just rumor, but a Quicksilver TV show? We'd watch that.

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