Spike TV's Digital entertainment is certainly a fertile industry these days. David Spade and Happy Madison Productions are putting together a sequel to "Joe Dirt" that will air exclusively on Sony's Crackle website and associated platforms.

According to his official statement, Spade is "beyond stoked that 'Joe Dirt' will finally hit the screens again on Crackle. I've been sleeping in this wig for years and it will be nice to wear it in the daytime again." It seems like it's a sequel that's been on his mind for a while, anyway. A couple of months ago, Spade was asked during a Reddit AMA about a possible sequel, and his detailed answer indicated that it was something he'd given some thought to. As per one Reddit user, "Just get Adam Sandler to foot the bill."

"Joe Dirt 2" will start production in mid-November in Louisiana, with a 2015 release date. Spade is co-writing the script with Fred Wolf, who was a staff writer on "Saturday Night Live." Wolf, who will also be directing "Joe Dirt 2," also penned the script for "Joe Dirt," "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star," and "Grown Ups," among others. Wolf also directed "Strange Wilderness" and "The House Bunny." Meanwhile, Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Productions have their own sweet digital deal at Netflix. It's a brave new world out there, folks.

[Via Deadline]

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